Professional Recovery Coach Training

What is the training about?

  • Specialist, experiential training developed to empower individuals challenged with substance use and addiction disorders.

  • Learn practical tools and techniques to support individuals, families, groups, organisations and communities.

  • Live and online training options available with national- and international accreditation opportunities.

What does the training include?

  • Exploring recovery perspectives for drug abuse, mental health and co-occurring conditions.

  • Identifying diverse & varied pathways to recovery.

  • Examining the roles & responsibilities of a Recovery Coach, including ethics & boundaries.

  • Practicing coaching, motivational interviewing techniques and facilitation skills.

  • Learning & practicing how to open & close a coaching conversation, by creating a container, contracting and checking in.

  • Gaining familiarity with recovery planning tools & coaching templates.

  • Experiencing coaching & developing a personal & professional plan.

  • Gaining knowledge & understanding of recovery resources.

  • Connecting with international recovery coaches.

  • Ongoing professional support and development through Workplace.

Recovery Coach Training focuses on giving individuals the tools and techniques they need to support those challenged by addiction and substance use, whether before, during or after treatment. Coaches are empowered to offer practical solutions based on the clients' needs, wants and values. Recovery Coaching allows the space for sustainable growth and transformation in line with the individual's needs, wants, values, resources and preferences.

Training Details

There are two training formats:

Online Certified Professional Recovery Coach

This online course is a combination of self-directed study with online (live) group classes, supported by weekly integration calls.

We also offer the training in a live 5-day intensive format.

We have not confirmed our 2021 training dates yet, but will be doing so in the coming weeks.

We do have self-study options available on our e-learning platform: Visit our online Teachable Platform

Contact me for more details about our training offering, as we also offer bespoke training focusing on employee and organisational wellness.

For more information about the training please email

This platform offers coaching and training programmes

in a live, online format with online with group and individual


Coaching & Training Events

  • Wed, Feb 17
    Ubuntu Academy of Coaching & Training
    Johannesburg Certified Professional Recovery Coach (CPRC)
    5-Day Intensive Recovery Coach Training
  • Starting March 2021
    The Foundation Clinic
    Women in Wellness Coaching Series
    Empowering coaching series to (re)connect with who you are

Leigh-Anne Brierley (CMC IMCSA)

Call/WhatsApp +27(67)903-0070

Be The Change Coaching is situated in Oaklands, Johannesburg, South Africa

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Coaching is no a replacement for medical, psychiatric or therapeutic services. Coaching is designed to support and empower individuals as part of their personal and professional growth and development. Before stopping or decreasing the use of habit-forming substances it is essential to seek medical advice and support. If you are under the care of a medical or mental-health professional please ensure that you seek their advice and consult around your substance-use disorder and mental health care.

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