What my clients say



"Leigh-Anne has seen me at my worst and most vulnerable and has helped me help myself. She has given me the space and equipped me with the tools to live my best life and be the best version of me. I am truly lucky to have crossed paths with such an incredible and empowering woman."



"Leigh -Anne’s approach from day one, has been compassion, encouragement and always sound advice. I was never shamed, or felt isolated and alone. Leigh is a woman I consider in my camp - whenever I need sound counsel or wisdom she is first on my list. I have learnt one of the keys to recovery is having two or three people who care for your life, not your feelings. She is one of those women."



"She always held me and herself accountable and never compromised on ethics. I really enjoyed the journey we took as I learned about myself and how to coach, and although I don’t see her often anymore, I somehow always feel welcome to reach out to her if I feel the need."



Leigh-Anne stood by me through my journey of self-discovery and I've been clean ever since. I am eternally thankful for the coaching as it changed my perception on myself and the world around me. She taught me that all answers lay within me and there's no problem that I cannot solve, by myself."



Leigh-Anne's sincere interest, non-judgmental and caring approach has motivated me on my journey of changing my perception on myself and how I fit into the world, helping me realize I can create, and am responsible for, my own personal growth. All the solutions are within me, and I am capable of finding them on my own.



"Leigh-Anne was instrumental in my recovery. She was encouraging, loving and supportive. But firm which was necessary. She always believed in me and treated me with dignity and respect. She helped me to build my self-esteem, self-worth and confidence in every area of my life."



Leigh-Anne has coached me through a range of proactive and preventative measures on how to deal with life stress and every day occurrences that can appear challenging. She has motivated and encouraged me to realise that I can be more than what I am. Through her compassion and understanding she has enabled me to grow both in my personal capacity and in my life in general.



Besides the wealth of knowledge and wisdom, which may be common amongst coaches, what set Leigh apart was the way that she treated me (and everyone else in the programme) as a person. Not once did I feel judged or ashamed of my past, all the while encouraging me to find answers to my demons but holding my hand every step of the way.

Leigh is the most beautiful, incredible person I’ve known. She will forever have an extremely special place in my heart, and as far as I am concerned, will forever be part of my family.



Leigh-Anne is an amazing coach and mentor. Her wisdom and understanding of recovery for me personally is unmatched to anything I’ve ever encountered or been exposed to before. She has a genuine heart and passion for what she does and her insights are always exactly what one needs to hear at that time. Leigh-Anne is congruent, empathetic and in every aspect she shows unconditional positive regard.



Leigh-Anne shows up with uncompromising authenticity and courage to create and hold that space for a powerful conversation to evolve. Her humor, down-to-earth appeal and attentive curiosity makes it easy for client to connect, feel understood and safe. Building your own wellness and resilience in recovery with Leigh-Anne’s expertise is inspiring and focused journey.



Growth... growth is what I gained from my interactions with Leigh-Anne whether it be through coaching. Witnessing her facilitate or just asking a question, there is always a level of relatedness, professionalism and strength intertwined with her vast knowledge and open mindedness on how to face each situation head on. Such complexities made simple by powerful questions combined with listening that goes deeper than words.



Leigh-Anne’s ability to make clients look for and find their inner recovery gold has been of great help, through empathy and encouragement and with insight into the right tools to suggest Leigh-Anne has been phenomenal in terms of helping me to not only lose my addiction by grow in a space of wellness and help in constantly improving in all areas of my life.



"I am sitting and reflecting about my time working with you. I am blown away. You have taught me so much. I did the recovery course with you and I held onto your every word. There was not a second in the course that I can say I never learnt something. Your work ethics are something I admire so much . You give your everything in trying to reach out to everyone. Nothing is too much trouble for you. You made sure that each and everyone was made to feel special and your door was always open. You taught me so much about client needs and how to react if there was a problem. I so loved working with you. You are truly committed to your work."



"Leigh-Anne had a beautiful way of wanting to get to know who I was, what I liked, what I enjoyed, what made me tick - her interest in my journey was sincere and I felt she had amazing positivity and wonderful insight and this only emanated the fact that Leigh-Anne was there to help and assist me in every way she possibly could. Leigh-Anne is without doubt a woman who really understood and could truly grasp the battle I was up against, she was always kind, honest and her utter PASSION for not only her work but the WANT to HELP me in my addiction came across very strongly and BEST of all this passion she has comes across very naturally."