What is Systemic Coaching?

Systemic coaching:

  • is an empowering and forward-focused intervention to support growth, development and transformation.

  • creates opportunities in our personal and professional lives for sustainable change by helping us to (re)connect with our needs, wants and values.

  • is about working with you as the individual within the context of your various situations and relationships, so that you are able to focus on creating realistic plans and goals.

My specialty as a coach is working within the recovery and wellness niche to support individuals and families challenged with substance use and addictive behaviour disorders. However, there are many people that are also challenged with impulsive, excessive habits and avoidant behaviour. 

  • By connecting with yourself and the people in your life, you will be able to have richer, more rewarding relationships.

  • By understanding your own meaning and purpose, you will be able to create more value in the different areas of your life.

  • Whether you are looking to empower yourself in your business or personal life, coaching creates the space and the support to create sustainable change and growth.

  • Coaching is a personal investment we make in ourselves through the conversations that we engage in through the process.

  • Coaching is about autonomy, accountability, internal motivation and creating a growth  mindset.

If you have any questions about coaching and how it can support you, please feel free to connect with me.

Chemistry Session

30 minute online session


Connect with me to find out more about how coaching can empower you. This discovery session will help you decide if coaching is the right fit for your needs, wants, goals and resources. It's also an opportunity to meet me and ask any questions you may have. As coaching is an investment in you, it's important to make informed decisions.

Recovery Wellness Coaching

60-minute sessions


Recovery coaching supports you in developing a long-term, sustainable recovery by ensuring that you are creating a plan that works for you. By learning practical tools and skills, you are able to move forward. The process is driven by you, and you decide on the agenda for your coaching process.

Business and Life Coaching

60-minute sessions


Coaching will support you in setting realistic goals and sustainable plans to achieve meaning and purpose in the different areas of your life. This is achieved through a process of collaboration and accountability. Coaching is an enriching way to achieve your business and personal goals.

What my clients say...

2020 -10.jpg


Growth... growth is what I gained from my interactions with Leigh-Ann whether it be through a coaching session, witnessing her facilitate or just asking a question. There is always a level of reliability, professionalism and strength intertwined with her vast knowledge and open mindedness on how to face each situation head on. Such complexities made simple by powerful questions combined with listening that goes deeper than words. I have learned how to be a powerful facilitator who makes everyone in the room feel like they belong in the safe container


I can’t say that I’ve had many people make me feel that they cared for me and my healing as much as she has, all the while encouraging me to find my own answers to my demons, but holding my hand every step of the way. . Every word that came from my mouth was received with care, empathy, support and so much emotion that I trusted (and will forever trust) Leigh immediately and completely.

Leigh is the most beautiful, incredible person I’ve known. She will forever have an extremely special place in my heart and, as far as I’m concerned, will forever be part of my family.

Image by Tim Marshall


Leigh-Anne’s ability to make clients look for and find their inner recovery gold has
been of great help, through empathy and encouragement and with insight into the right tools to suggest Leigh-Anne has been phenomenal in terms of helping me to not only lose my  (gambling) addiction by grow in a space of wellness and help in constantly improving in all areas of my life. L
eigh-Anne has been an integral part of the coaching team and her skills as a coach have helped me to develop a recovery plan that has put my life back on track.