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Be the Change Coaching _ Addiction Recovery Coaching

Create a Strong, Sustainable Recovery and Relapse Prevention Plan with the Help of a
Certified Master Coach

Start your journey to lasting recovery today!

I understand the challenges and complexities of addiction. I truly believe that each person's recovery process is unique, which is why I offer personalised coaching tailored to your specific needs. I don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to wellness!

I will be in this process with you and have been where you have the beginning.

 I have lots of experience in addiction recovery and am dedicated to helping you create a strong and sustainable recovery plan.

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Your Partner in Accountability and Support

Through your coaching sessions, I will be your accountability and support partner. We will work together to identify and overcome any obstacles that may arise on your path to recovery. The evidence-based, coaching approach is designed to empower you, challenge you, and inspire you to make positive changes in your life. Don't worry I'll be there to hold space and also challenge you when you need it!

Preventing Relapse and Building Resilience

One of the key focuses of recovery is relapse prevention. But we're going to be focusing on what you need to do to recover, rather than obsessing about relapse. Sure, recovery is a lifelong commitment and process and I am here in the early stages to help you develop the tools and strategies you need to stay on track. Your recovery and relapse prevention plan is based on the latest research and proven techniques to help you build resilience and maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

It's not easy, but it is worth it!

What I bring to the work...

What I ask of you!


Ready to take the next step towards a strong and sustainable recovery?
Willing to do whatever it takes to be well?
Remember, we all have a day #1 at some point!
Contact me today to schedule your coaching session.
Together, we'll create a personalised plan that will empower you to thrive beyond addiction.

Leigh-Anne, you're amazing at your job. You combine knowledge, experience, tolerance, compassion, patience, humour, humility, integrity, vulnerability, into a professional and supportive package. Shine On and thank you 🙏


Truly the perfect recovery program for helping me understand myself ♡ working with Leigh-Anne has been such a safe space to grow as an individual and learn to love life again!


Exactly what I was looking for in a coach. Insightful, empathetic, and wise. I have gained so much from my work with Leigh-Anne. Highly recommended!


Leigh-Anne is wonderful in every sense of the word, and her experience in life-coaching (a coach in everything, in fact) has helped me change my life for the best. I would highly recommend anything in which she is involved.


Are you ready to book a session with me?

Thank for connecting! Can't wait to meet you...

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