Hi, I'm Leigh-Anne. I am a Certified Master Coach who specialises in working with individuals, families and groups impacted by substance use and addiction disorders. I work as an accountability partner who supports and challenges my clients to move forward with their recovery and wellness in a meaningful and sustainable way. This means focuses on how to get the most out of your personal and professional lives, and create a plan that works for you!

I am also involved in training and certifying recovery coaches, as well as running a successful outpatient programme, both live and online. I am also a certified life and business coach, and would love to connect with you to discuss your coaching and training needs.

Please feel free to spend some time on my website, and contact me if you have any questions. I'd love to connect! 

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Coaching Chemistry Session

Working with a coach is about developing a relationship based on mutual respect, rapport and trust.  In this session we have an opportunity to check in and connect around how we are going to be able to co-create and collaborate in a way that supports you in achieving your best results. 


Recovery Wellness Coaching

Creating emotional, social, mental, physical and spiritual resources in recovery is a holistic approach to sustainable wellness. You create the opportunity for a deeper, long-term growth. Through the use of a solutions-driven coaching approach we are given the space to create a meaningful recovery lifestyle plan.

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Recovery Wellness Programme

Through a combination of recovery coaching, adult education and peer support, we are able to connect with ourselves in an authentic way to be able to create a recovery plan that is aligned to our needs, wants and values. Through education and coaching support we are able to deepen our learning and understanding of healthy behaviour.

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 Life and Business Coaching

Systemic life and business coaching is about connecting with your personal and professional meaning and purpose. By exploring goals in line with our needs, wants and values, we create a space for transformation and growth.  It's about getting clear and moving forward. It's about sustainable growth and transformation.

Recovery Coach Training

Recovery coaches assist individuals, families, groups and communities with empowering and practical skills to overcome substance use and addictive behaviour disorders. As a recovery wellness coach you are able to work systemically to create recovery capital in collaboration with your clients. The training is offered in live and online formats, and is internationally accredited.



Acudetox (auricular acupuncture) is designed to support physical, mental and emotional healing. It eases the physical and emotional symptoms that individuals who are detoxing from habit-forming substances experience. It also supports general well-being and lessens feelings of anxiety and stress, and is helpful for the easing of mental health conditions and insomnia.

What my clients say...

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Leigh-Anne has motivated and encouraged me to realise that I can be more than what I am.  She has slowly built up my self-esteem and helped me to take chances that will inevitably create my own personal growth.


Thanks for your support, kindness and extremely generous handling of my situation. Your encouragement afforded me a safe place to view my situation, reconnect with recovery principles and grow.

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Leigh-Anne had a beautiful way of wanting to get to know who I was; what I liked, what I enjoyed, what made me tick - her interest in my journey was sincere and I felt she had amazing positivity and wonderful insight.

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I am eternally thankful for the coaching as it changed my perception on myself and the world around me. She taught me that all answers lay within me and there's no problem that I cannot solve, by myself.