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Women of Wellness

Connect! Inspire! Revive!

What is the WOW! Coaching Programme?

Women of Wellness is a coaching programme that has been designed for you! That might sound a little lofty, even a tad arrogant, but in my years working as a coach I have become increasingly aware that there are themes that are common all of us. From taking, or not taking, time for us, feeling unworthy in our personal and professional spaces, and uncertain of our place in our own lives.

WOW! is about reconnecting with yourself, rediscovering your place in your life, and redefining what you want moving forward. It’s about learning to nurture yourself with love and compassion the same way you do for the others in your life. It’s about deepening what serves you and letting go what doesn’t. It’s about giving yourself the space and time to really know yourself, from a place of non-judgement and enoughness, and learning to speak your authentic truth.

Coaching is an empowering space, as it gives you the opportunity to determine your own way forward. By equipping you with tools, practices, and techniques, it creates the space for you to decide what you want to take with you, and what you prefer to leave behind. The agenda of the individual sessions are self-directed, based on the content from the group coaching sessions, or what you choose to focus on as part of your process.

When it comes to developing a plan or a road map for yourself, there are no right or wrong ways to get anywhere, simply the route you choose to take. This depends on your “preferred mode of travel” and the kind of experience you are wanting to have. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the suggestions, advice, ideas, recommendations, self-help guidelines, and information out there on how to live a better life, become a better version of yourself.

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“You are not required to justify your existence on earth through constant improvement. You are not a Fortune 500 company; you don’t have to show increasing profits. You don’t have to earn your right to be here by putting yourself to higher and higher standards. You just get to be here. You belong here. You are loved on earth.”

Elizabeth Gilbert

It is a lovely thought and something I believe can form the basis for a gentle, yet clear, accountability with ourselves to be who we want to be, not who others perceive or believe we should be. By working with choices, rather than have-to, should, and must, we can create strength, inspiration, and drive from a self-loving space, rather than a position where we forget to prioritise ourselves. Rather than only giving, we need to learn to take back in a healthy and boundarised way. We cannot exhale without first inhaling. In a conversation with Brené Brown, Joan Halifax, a Zen Buddhist teacher, says about choosing not to attend a function prior to a talk she is giving.

“Tonight, we will exhale and teach. Now it’s time to inhale. There is the in-breath and there is the out-breath, and it’s easy to believe that we must exhale all the time, without ever inhaling. But the inhale is absolutely essential if you want to continue to exhale.”

Remembering to take care of yourself in a wholesome way, is just as important as looking after your children, connecting with your partner, being available for your colleagues, and showing up for your friends and family. Without you making sure you are resourced, giving constantly to others means that there is probably extraordinarily little, if anything, left over at the end of the day for you. Learning to be grounded and present in the ebb and flow of the human energy exchange is uncomfortable at first. Over time it feels more natural, and you may even have that moment when you wonder how you ever got away with giving so much of yourself to others and taking so little time to restore and replenish yourself.

Through this course, I hope to be able to support you in discovering and learning what it is you need to be okay, and hopefully thrive in your various roles. Bringing this programme together has taken me many years of learning, experience, missteps, and life's little surprises. By drawing on the various tools, learnings, teachings, and wisdom I have accumulated over the years, I have become more mindful of living the work, rather than just sharing it.

Much of this work comes from the extraordinary social and behavioural scientists, social workers, psychologists, and neuroscientists whose teachings I have integrated into my life over the years. I am not a scientist or a researcher, and much of my learning is self-directed, rather than having been acquired in a formalised academic setting or double-blind research studies. I have not researched anything as this would require resources, training, and education that I don’t have.

I have read, absorbed, digested, and learned what others have gone to the trouble to collect, collate, and share with us. I have brought their research, tools, and practices into this course combining their brilliance and labour with my experience, perspective, and anecdotal evidence. In having done this, I hope to introduce you to some innovative ideas that you can explore further as you deepen the process and connect with yourself as a Woman of Wellness.

As we move through the material over the coming weeks and months, I am excited about the shifts, epiphanies, experiences, ideas, discoveries, and aha moments I am sure you will have.

Yours in Wellness,


What does WOW! include?
The Coaching Process

The programme consists of self-study, live coaching sessions, and group integration sessions.

The group sessions will take place the Saturday of every month, starting September 2023. The live group sessions will take place in Oaklands, Johannesburg.

There will be two 90 minute online sessions each month between the group sessions.

Individual sessions can be arranged at the most mutually convenient times. These sessions can be done live or online.

The programme can be completed by combining the three  elements of the programme, simply engaging in the group processes, or only attending the monthly sessions. Additional coaching sessions can be arranged if you would like to connect more often. There are additional online resources that will be shared on enrolment and a learning journal for each of the participants.

The Coaching Content

The coaching will focus on (re)connection. 

(Re)Connecting with Me

  • What are my needs, wants, and values?

  • What is self-worthiness?

  • How do I connect with myself?

Connecting with my habits and behaviours

  • What are my daily practices?

  • How can I develop healthy routines and habits?

  • How do I manage triggers, stress, and emotions?

Connecting with my purpose
  • Where am I in my life?

  • What is my “Why”?

  • What are my roles and goals?

Connecting with my well-being

  • How can I deepen my wellbeing?

  • How can I build my resilience and become grittier?

  • How can I develop a growth mindset?

Connecting with my tribe

  • How do I speak my authentic truth in relationships?

  • How can I set healthy boundaries?

  • How do I deepen trust in my relationships?

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Women of Wellness
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