Recovery Wellness Coaching

What can Recovery Wellness Coaching do for you?
  • Help you develop recovery capital to support you in your wellness.

  • Support you in creating a recovery plan that works for you.

  • Teach you new tools, techniques, practices and coping mechanisms

  • Develop new behaviour that supports growth in all areas of your life.

  • Create a fulfilled, purposeful life that is fulfilling and purposeful.

  • Help you find ways to have fun and be well.

Recovery Capital assists in creating a lifestyle that is sustainable and meaningful by taking into account your needs, wants, values and aspirations, and is made up of emotional, social, physical, spiritual and mental resources.


Recovery Wellness Coaching focuses on helping you identify and develop your internal and external recovery resources, which are supportive of your wellness.  By developing resilience, resources, strong habitualised behaviours, you are able to create a life of authentic meaning and purpose.

With multiple pathways to recovery, coaching is an approach that ensures you are able to develop a plan that fits your lifestyle, needs, wants, values, preferences and resources.

Internally-motivated recovery is a profound experience as you reconnect with yourself and your essence. Coaching simply creates the space for you discover the answers and solutions which are already inside you.

Recovery is a choice, that you make daily and create a lifestyle plan that will support you in creating a rich and fulfilling life free of addictive substances and harmful behaviours. Working with a coach is about moving forward in your life based on your personal and professional values and ambitions.

As a master coach with extensive experience working with individuals and families challenged with substance use and addictive behaviour disorders, I am able to support you in this process. Having lived experience, and being in long-term recovery means that I can relate to the challenges that present themselves in this process, from a place of compassion, empathy and non-judgement, while gently challenging you to embrace growth and change.

What my clients say...

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Leigh-Anne's constant empathy, understanding, warmth, acceptance and most importantly her non-judgmental  persona makes her the most authentic coach and mentor. She has seen me at my worst and most vulnerable and has helped me help myself. She has given me the space and equipped me with the tools to live my best life and be the best version of me. I am truly lucky to have crossed paths with such an incredible and empowering women.

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Leigh-Anne is a woman I consider in my camp - whenever I need sound counsel or wisdom she is first on my list.   I have learnt one of the keys to recovery is having two or three people who care for your life, not your feelings.  She is one of those  women.  Leigh - Anne’s attitude  has  been  compassion, encouragement and always sound advice . I was never shamed, or felt isolated and alone.  

Image by Tim Marshall


I always found her theoretical knowledge to be strong but more importantly (to me) was that she complimented that theory with authentic emotion and empathy in the present moment. She always held me and herself accountable and never compromised on ethics. I really enjoyed the journey we took as I learned about myself and how to coach, and although I don’t see her often anymore, I somehow always feel welcome to reach out to her if I feel the need.