My Story

All I know is that our stories shouldn't define us and we need to be careful of the stories that we tell ourselves.

I am still writing my story and as a coach I believe that the more we work on ourselves, the more flow there is in life.  Personal development and growth are an ongoing gift that we give ourselves as we move through the unfolding chapters.  

As a master coach I have had so many opportunities to use coaching to assist individuals, families and groups that are invested in creating connection with themselves and the people around them.  With a business and education background, coaching has been an integral part of my own personal and professional process.

My own recovery and  wellness are strongly based on the empowering process of coaching, which ensures that I am clear on my personal and professional needs, wants and values and I am able to communicate them with courage and authenticity to the people in my life.

Being congruently connected to my purpose and meaning, ensures that I am able to combine my values of education, authenticity and creating sustainable change to work with you in a unique and client-centered way.  

My story continues and my coaching is constantly evolving as my work expands and deepens  With me learning, and growing and always striving to be an authentic, courageous woman.

My Mission

Creating lasting change through personal empowerment

#livecourageously #itsaboutwellness

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Leigh-Anne Brierley

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Be The Change Coaching is situated in Oaklands, Johannesburg, South Africa

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Coaching is not a replacement for medical, psychiatric or therapeutic services. Coaching is designed to support and empower individuals as part of their personal and professional growth and development. Before stopping or decreasing the use of habit-forming substances it is essential to seek medical advice and support. If you are under the care of a medical or mental-health professional please ensure that you seek their advice and consult around your substance-use disorder and mental health care.

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