Rebirth Wellness Facilitator

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Rebirth Wellness Facilitator

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  • Recovery wellness coaching is designed to help individuals understand the factors which have driven them to seek relief in unsustainable, self-destructive behaviors.
  • By offering Wellness Coaching as part of the Employee Wellness/Assistance Programme, members will have available to them a completely confidential, expert team of coaches with the qualifications and lived experience to truly understand what they are going through and help them overcome it.
  • Left untreated, or incorrectly treated, substance misuse can be fatal.
  • At a time of the global pandemic (and post-pandemic world), the numbers of people battling mental health issues have never been higher.
  • Rebirth's systemic wellness coaches are all qualified and draw on both academic and theoretical expertise, as well as personal lived experience.

For more information about the training visit our ONLINE TEACHING PLATFORM

To have a conversation, please feel free to connect with David Collins +27(83)288-0309.

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